A lot of messages we are getting are asking the same questions: What exactly is the WIWC and what do we do? Well! The WIWC is short for The Windsor Internationational Writers Conference (charitable)…We’ve had 2 so far, in 2014, and 2106 and they were highly successful…eight people have been published since then, some self and others through agents they met at the conferences. Our next one is July 6,7,8th, 2018. In our spare time we have held 4 Young Authors summer camps, 15 one-day workshops with various agents, editors and authors – a lot of awesome topics being discussed – one children’s arts festival, a young authors Saturday program, a Greet and Meet for writers and authors to schmooze, and November the 6th we’re starting “A Taste of Literature” book club where new authors get a chance to launch their books with a meal added in there based on the theme of the book.The first one, November 6th, will be presenting new author Fartumo Kusow’s book and the theme of the dinner will be African. Our workshops home in on skills that writers need before the conference with agents. This one, as I mentioned, is about characters, observing people in real life, how to build your character’s personality etc. Marty is the owner and publisher of Black Moss Publishing. He is also a Poet Laureate and had a fabulous multi-award winning column in the Windsor Star about memorable characters in the city. He truly is a maven. Every agent and publisher will tell you that the backbone of every great book is the characterization of the main characters.