The mandate of the Windsor International Writers is based one premise: that all peoples and nations have the right and obligation to preserve their history, art, culture and books for future generations.

Based on that premise, the WIW makes every effort to promote the craft of writing and advancing skills in accuracy and properly researching a story; using ethics and morals when writing; and taking care to preserve the dignity of any culture, heritage, or group of people.

Windsor is a magnificent tapestry of over two hundred and forty ethnic groups that live in peace. We are known for valuing and respecting our diverse population through our festivals and restaurants. We are also known throughout the world for our plethora of brilliant writers – Nino Ricci, the late Alistair MacLeod, the late Christopher Curtis, all major literary award winners – the Booker, the Giller, the Governor General’s award to name a few. We have eight publishing houses in town, including the famous Biblioasis and Black Moss Press. One writer, Robin Martin, is a children’s writer whose books are in the curriculum of over 194 countries.

We are a community deeply embedded in the narrative from recording our stories to developing and sharing our personal perspectives in both fiction and non-fiction. We are strong participants who, through the written word, actively contribute, enriching our community each and every day.

Emerging from Challenges

Windsor was hit hard by the Recessions that started in 2008. It is a known fact that people flock to the arts during these times to find artistic ways to express their sorrows and fears. Our proof? We have over 1,000 published authors living here. Most are self-published but many are also published the traditional way. And, here is where the story of our Windsor International Writers Conference starts.

Writers need to hone their skills. They need a community of like-minded souls where they can commune with one another, share ideas, learn together, and support one another. As these needs emerged and became more apparent, and the number of published writers increased. Realizing there was a niche to fulfil, we dedicated ourselves, with our own funding, to respond by filling the void to create and design the Windsor International Writers Conference in 2014.
Our mandate was based one premise: all peoples and nations have the right and obligation to preserve their history, art, culture and books for future generations. Based on the demands and needs within our writing community, our mandate: became our mission: to make every effort to promote the art and craft of writing by advancing skills in accuracy and researching a story; using ethics and morals when writing; and taking care to preserve the dignity of any culture, heritage, or group of people and to ensure that the written word has the opportunity to be read and heard within an international arena.

Our Launch Conference

“Writing Across Boundaries: Moralities, Minorities, Methodologies,” was our first writers conference. Writer’s Digest magazine was so impressed that they claimed us to be one of the best Boutique Writers Conferences in North America.
Since 2014 our organization has continued to grow, thus expanding the opportunities for our writers as we have now emerged as a premiere writers conference with a track record.
The following list, to date, highlights our conference and related series for writers and participants:

  1. The first Windsor International Writers Conference, November 2014 with over half of the attendees on donated scholarships The Young Authors Summer Camp, July 2014. (Half were on donated scholarships)
  2. The “I Want to be a Writer” series, September to December 2014.
  3. The “I Want to be a Writer” Series, January – March 2015.
  4. Writers Learning Workshop series with agents and editors began in January 2015.
  5. Writers Learning Workshop series continues April 2015.
  6. The Young Authors Summer Camp, July 2015. (Scholarships were available)
  7. “I Want to be a Writer” series September- December, 2015
  8. Writers Learning Workshop series, March, 2016.
  9. Second Windsor International Writers Conference, May 2016. (half of the attendees were on donated scholarships)
  10. Young Authors Summer Camp, July 2016. (four attended on donated scholarships)
  11. Writers Workshop series, October 2016.
  12. Writers Workshop series, May, 2017.
  13. Young Authors Summer Camp, 2017. (scholarships were available)
  14. A new initiative, Writers Social Greet and Meet, July, 2017.

Exciting New Initiative

As we continually respond to needs and evaluate our strategies, we have combined the art of writing with the joy of food into a powerful and innovative initiative: “The Taste of Literature Book Club Series,” interfaces authors’ new books to be made available a month prior to a theme based meal that reflects the book at the Twisted Apron Restaurant. Participants will experience the food, listen to the author speak as well as read followed by a question and answer period and book signing. The first one will be Monday, November the 6th 2017.

The Summer 2018 Writers Conference

We are proud to announce The Windsor International Writers Conference, July 6,7, 8, 2018. Our goal is to increase an already impressive participation of attendees as well as a 25% increase in scholarships.

We hope to expand our children’s programming and will need to seek serious sponsorships and grants to accomplish this goal. We will further our work while we become a properly acknowledged and credible charitable organization. At this time, all of this is organized by volunteers with an in-kind donation of funds and assistance well over $100,000.00 in approximately four years.