1) Windsor International writers is first and foremost all about the writer. Our mandate is to help and promote writers any way we can.
2)With our intensive round tables you get help solving problematic aspects of your manuscript through the troubleshooting efforts of accomplished authors, editors and agents. Your writing accomplishments are also validated by the recognition of peers and pros.
3) You get to interact with professionals from the publishing and trans-media industries in a unique and accessible environment. And this year a movie producer as well!
4) Our Sunday programming will empower you with tools and tactics needed to succeed in today’s expanding trans-media marketplace (and boy is it ever expanding)!
5) With so many agents and publishers you get to stop first-tier rejection (or rejection out-of-hand)
6) And perhaps the most important benefit: you get to engage with others in the greater writing community and industry and forge lasting friendships and valuable contacts

We’re not like other conferences that entice aspiring authors with big-name unapproachable superstars that are far removed from the realities of breaking into a fickle publishing world. All of our agents and publishers have been hand-picked because they are friendly and approachable and they gladly participate in helping writers.
We want you to succeed. We are every writer’s champion. We have something for attendees just learning how to start writing a book or finishing that book. Whether you’re going for the traditional route of New York publishers, placing with an independent house, going hybrid, self-publishing, or choosing e-book-only distribution we will try to have as much information as we can muster to help you on your way.
Let’s face it, no matter the writer’s level or ultimate goal, writers face an alarming array of options, opportunities, distractions and potentially disastrous decisions that must be made, before a book reaches its potential. Because the book business is in such a whirlwind of evolvement, success often hinges on the timeliest information and community access being in the writer’s hands to enable the writer to make the best decisions, right out of the gate.
The Windsor International Writers Conference addresses these issues and then some! We’re here to make you a success.