ESPECIALLY for readers and lovers of books!!!! On November the 6th, 2017 the WIW is beginning a new program: A TASTE OF LITERATURE. Our partner and sponsor for this great series is The Twisted Apron. It is a unique book club where the book will be available one month prior to the program. In this case October the tenth. Then On November the 6th, people join us and the author, Fartumo Kusow, at the Twisted Apron for a dinner based on the theme of the book, an author reading, then questions and answers for the author just like a book club would have. The author is available to sign your copy of the book. The book will be for sale at the Twisted Apron along with tickets for the dinner — a package deal so to speak. More details on that to follow. This is a great way to celebrate and support our local authors, have great food and support the WIW and all of its programs! For more information contact Pam Goldstein 519-730-0315 or pamelajeangoldstein@gmail .com. Hope to see everyone there! Seats are limited.