We get all sorts of questions about the WIWC etc. One of the more interesting ones I received was how exactly did the conference come about? Funny you should ask.

It all started nearly twenty years ago when I met a lady named Amanda Gellman at the Jewish Community Centre. Both of us had the same idealistic but rather insane belief that Windsor desperately needed a home for the arts right in the heart of the city. We both wanted a charitable centre where everyone was welcome, whether you had money or not. We also wanted the centre to have all of the arts there with lessons in every aspect of ART.

I dreamed big but Amanda always dreamed bigger. Amanda finally did the unthinkable — she bought a building on Ouellette Avenue! It needs a ton of work, and a ton of money sunk into it, but while that is being done, Amanda founded the Windsor Centre for the Arts and Film Making.

Amanda and her daughter have established the FILM Camp that is a huge success. In 2014 Amanda and I, with advice from the late Alistair MacLeod and the fabulous Marty Gervais, established the Windsor International Writers Conference. It is under the Centre’s umbrella and is also considered a charitable organization.

The following summer we began the Young Authors Writing Camp that is now going into its third year. During the course of the year and from the monies earned at the conferences and camp, we offer various workshops for adults.

We are considered not only one of the best boutique Writers Conferences in North America, but also one of the most unique because we pay attention to morals and ethics in writing and incorporating different cultures various aspects of the arts into the schedule.
~ Pamela Goldstein