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Windsor International Writers Conference

AWESOME NEWS!!!!!! Mark your calendars everyone! The date for the next Windsor International Writers Conference is July 6,7,8th, 2018. Location will be at the great Holiday Inn on Huron Church Rd. So far we have more than eight agents coming in and a bunch of...

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How to Write a Book Blurb | Self-Publishing Advice Center

Thanks Jean Jenkins again for sharing! How to Write a Book Blurb | Self-Publishing Advice CenterPlease, newbie writers, learn your terminology re what goes on your book cover. A BLURB is written by someone else, usually a line or two by another writer, with words of...

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When a Lifelong Editor Becomes a Novelist

When a Lifelong Editor Becomes a NovelistAfter 30 years as editor and publisher, I found myself on the other side of my professional process—as writer this time—and learned a valuable lesson: I suck at editing myself. The thousands of hou…...

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Why You Should Aim for 100 Rejections a Year

Why You Should Aim for 100 Rejections a YearLast year, I got rejected 43 times by literary magazines, residencies, and fellowships—my best record since I started shooting for getting 100 rejections per year. It’s harder than it sounds, but a…...

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PamelaHello fellow writers! On Wednesday, July 12th, starting at 6:30pm, the Windsor International Writers Conference is hosting its first Start Up/ Greet and Meet where writers of all kinds can come together as a community and get to know one another. We'll be...

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The Case for Black English

McWhorter’s début as a public intellectual came twenty years ago, when a fracas erupted over a proposal to use Black English—then often called Ebonics—as a teaching tool in public schools in Oakland, California. The idea was roundly ridiculed. Ebonics, people said,...

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JeanIf you're pacing and/or chewing pencils in two because you've queried recently and the agent isn't responding, be patient. The BEA (Book Expo America) kicks off today for publishers, editors, agents, (and some) writers. Runs thru Friday. Days of talks, meetings,...

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Queerer Than Fiction

Adecade ago, when I was asked to represent the voice of the young on an intergenerational panel of lgbt authors, novelist R. M. Vaughan spoke of a lavender ceiling. He claimed that gay literary authors who write honestly about contemporary gay life are rarely...

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Why Good People Write Bad Prose

As Steven Pinker observes in his latest book, The Sense of Style, it’s fashionable in this iPhone age to bemoan the decline of language. Fashionable, but hardly new. Grumbling about this deterioration goes “at least as far back as the invention of the printing press,”...

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Never-Never Land

The new-adult machine has succeeded precisely because it found the sweet spot between those two established phenomena. Young adult books like The Hunger Games and The Fault in Our Stars position teenagehood as an activation stage, in which the protagonists cross the...

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Current Issue

Current IssueWith interviews & articles from Christopher Golden, Jeffery Deaver, J. H. Bográn, author and more, you don't want to miss the May Issue of The Big Thrill!

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