One of the questions we got this week: How do you choose which topics to cover in your workshops leading up to the actual conference?
Great question and we’re glad you asked! The first thing we do is look at what kind of speakers will be joining us, and most important, what are the interests of the agents and publishers that are coming. Characters, and character-driven stories are ALWAYS imperative for a fascinating and outstanding piece of fiction, be it children’s, YA, or adult, sci-fi, fantasy etc. etc. Your characters are the back-bone of the story. HENCE: Marty Gervais! Marty’s writing career at the Windsor Star was based on his keen skills observing people, learning their stories and then writing about them in the most human and personal way possible. He’s won awards for these skills. We can think of no one better to help writers hone their “character” writing techniques.
So – based on that we have our first workshop with Marty November 4th. We are reposting the event below. NOTE THE CHANGE IN PRICE!!!!!! My bad: I didn’t have my glasses on when typing the notice out.
NOTICE!!!!!! Attention all Writers! Keep November 4th open! November 4th is the WIWC’s first workshop of the season…a fabulous day with Marty Gervais who will take us through the steps of studying and observing characters and implementing awesome characterizations in writing. He’s the maven of character study and has won a number of rewards to proove it! Taking place at the Snack Bar restaurant by the great generousity of owner, Mark Bascariol. Cost is $65.00. A fabulous lunch is included. Contact Pam Goldstein @ 519 730 0315 to reserve your spot. Space is limited so book now! We’re working on setting up on our website a place to pay for the workshop…I’ll let you know when that is available.