Our Sponsors

Sponsor Recognition Levels

Sponsor benefits for ALL sponsors:

  • Listing in program, by level of support
  • Tickets to the Opening Reception, by level of support
  • Sponsor signage at event entrance for planning sessions, by level of support
  • An opportunity to ‘stuff’ your company brochures in conference bags

$5,000+ sponsors will also receive the following:

  • Daily recognition from the podium
  • Opportunity to speak at the conference and/or introduce speakers


  • Presenting Sponsor- $25,000
  • Nobel Prize / Platinum Sponsors – $10,000
  • Pulitzer Prize / Gold Sponsors – $5,000
  • New York Times List / Silver Sponsors – $2,500
  • Booker Prize / Bronze Sponsors – $1,000
  • Friends of Literary Arts – $500
  • Conference Supporters – $250
  • Conference Friends – $100

Speaker Sponsors

Sponsors can select the speak event they wish to host.


  • International Speakers at $2,500
  • US or Canadian Speakers at $1,500
  • Local Speakers at $1,000

Program Sponsors

  • Dinner Sponsor(s) – $6,000 per dinner
  • Opening Reception Sponsor – $10,000
  • Author Travel Sponsor – $10,000
  • Lunch Sponsor(s) – $4,000 per lunch
  • Book Shop Sponsor – $5,000
  • Wine Sponsor(s) – $2,500 per dinner
  • Conference Program (Print) Sponsor – $2,000

Sponsor Benefits

Final benefits to be agreed upon according to the level of sponsorship and the area being sponsored.

Let us know how you would like to get involved!
We know we have a fantastic event that is only going to gain more and more worldwide attention with each passing year. Our goal is to become one of the top three writers conferences in the world. That’s a hefty goal and some would say unattainable but we will succeed in doing this with your help.

For more information about being a sponsor contact Pam Goldstein at boker_tov2002@yahoo.ca.