Having been to more than a few different Writer’s Conference across Canada, Windsor’s was a truly unique experience because of the intimate atmosphere it creates. Rather than being inundated by swarms of aspiring writers, both literary agents, and notable writers such as Nino Ricci and Carol Rehme, had more than enough time to share their wisdom. 
Another spectacular feature was the diversity of content. Not only were the speakers and workshops directed towards fiction writers, but also journalists and filmmakers. On a personal level, it has given me the missing pieces towards producing work that actually sells, mainly by the connections you make at the conference. It is something I would recommend to both beginner and established writers.
Michael J. Krym was born in Caserta, Italy before immigrating to Canada in the early nineties. Began writing at the age of fourteen for a series of plays before moving on to his first publication, The House of Saints in 2012. Since, Michael has publishes two more novels, Eidos: A Search for Home (2013), and, Love & Garbage (2014). After producing a series of short films, Sins of the Storm (2016), Michael is currently having three original plays produced, Okno (2017), Imaginary Lines (2018), & Longing (2018). 

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