We have now received several messages regarding the cost of the November 6th event, A TASTE OF LITERATURE. Let me explain. This is an incredible event! First – we are featuring a local author and their latest book, in this case, Fartumo Kusow’s TALE OF A BOON’S WIFE. The entire evening is based on the themes of that book. We even have an African drummer coming. However, and possibly most important, this event is a fundraiser for the Windsor International Writers and all of the good events they plan throughout the year. This includes our writers workshops, meet and greets, the young authors summer camp where we never turn a child away, and the renewed I want to be a Writer after school series. We have so many other plans for events based on writing, reading, and the arts and cultures. We need the funding. Right now we are looking at three guest artists we want to bring in for the conference…sum total…$20,000. Katie Robinson is a gracious sponsor and came up with the price because she loves the conference and all of its programs . She makes no profit from this…the money goes to the conference. So please reconsider your negative response and join us for this great celebration of Fartumo and the conference!