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Windsor International Writers Conference in Southwestern Ontario

Windsor International Writers Conference 2020

So many reasons to attend the Windsor International Writers Conference…

Did you ever dream of being one of the best authors in the world? That may not immediately happen by attending this conference BUT! …with our experts you will be able to take your writing career to a more professional level. (click to view ticket prices!)

  • You will receive great direction from some of the greatest best-selling authors and publishing experts. At our last conference, four attendees found agents and three of those people have books coming out!
  • If you’re a novice, don’t worry, there will be plenty of opportunities to learn the basics of the craft of writing as well.
  • Choose from a schedule of sessions that suits your specific interests and genres of writing, including playwriting, screenplay and poetry.
  • Did we mention how friendly we are? It’s a great place to meet and socialize with fellow writers. Did we also mention we have over twenty wineries AND Hiram Walker’s brewery AND Walkerville Brewery? We can arrange tours just sayin.
  • You will have time to “ask a pro” at our panel discussions and social gatherings.
  • We have a bookstore! This means we will be having book signings. Get to meet the authors.
  • We’re giving out a bag full of writers’ goodies when you check in. Contests with prizes! We have a pre-conference day of intensive roundtables where you get to present 500 words of your work to your peers, an agent/publisher and or editor.
  • If you want to come early or stay late to explore our neck of the woods we’ll help arrange tours for you.
  • You’ll have an opportunity to learn about different cultures and how to write about them.
  • You’ll learn about our North American heritage, including First Nation peoples, the Underground Railroad and so much more.

American Visitors – Please [click here»] for information regarding NEXUS Boarder Crossing details that may speed up commuting time to the Windsor International Writers Conference.

Windsor International Writers Conference Attendance Fees

Main Conference Fees:
June – Dec 31st 2019: $325 each or 2 people for $300pp
Jan 1st  – June 14th 2020: $395pp
From June 15th 2020 $450pp

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Conference Sponsors 2018

Benefits of attending the Windsor International Writers Conference

  1. Windsor International writers is first and foremost all about the writer. Our mandate is to help and promote writers any way we can.
  2. With our intensive round tables you get help solving problematic aspects of your manuscript through the troubleshooting efforts of accomplished authors, editors and agents. Your writing accomplishments are also validated by the recognition of peers and pros.
  3. You get to interact with professionals from the publishing and trans-media industries in a unique and accessible environment.
  4. Our Sunday programming will empower you with tools and tactics needed to succeed in today’s expanding trans-media marketplace (and boy is it ever expanding)!
  5. With so many agents and publishers you get to stop first-tier rejection (or rejection out-of-hand)
  6. And perhaps the most important benefit: you get to engage with others in the greater writing community and industry and forge lasting friendships and valuable contacts
We’re not like other conferences that entice aspiring authors with big-name unapproachable superstars far removed from the realities of breaking into a fickle publishing world. All of our agents and publishers have been hand-picked because they are friendly and approachable and they gladly participate in helping writers.
We want you to succeed. We are every writer’s champion. We have something for attendees just learning how to start writing a book or finishing that book. Whether you’re going for the traditional route of New York publishers, placing with an independent house, going hybrid, self-publishing, or choosing e-book-only distribution we will try to have as much information as we can muster to help you on your way.
Let’s face it, no matter the writer’s level or ultimate goal, writers face an alarming array of options, opportunities, distractions and potentially disastrous decisions that must be made, before a book reaches its potential. Because the book business is in such a whirlwind of evolvement, success often hinges on the timeliest information and community access being in the writer’s hands to enable the writer to make the best decisions, right out of the gate.
The Windsor International Writers Conference addresses these issues and then some! We’re here to make you a success.


Join Southwestern Ontario‘s grassroots literary movement. Our membership is perfect for budding and professional writers interested in literary networking opportunities. Get insights from other writers and attend exclusive editor, writer and publisher meet a nd greets. More info»


– Networking opportunities
– Meet writers, authors and publicists
– Attend private Events
– Enter Member only contests
– Discounts on workshops and conferences
– Exclusive greet and meets
– Increased exposure opportunities
– Book Promotions

Conference Testimonials

Pamela Goldstein and her team put together an action packed weekend of dynamic speakers like thought- provoking columnists Rochelle Riley from the Detroit Free Press, author-politician Charlie Angus who we should lionize. There were folks we should fear as well as revere like Deborah Dundas, Books Editor from the Toronto Star. The weekend also included Michele “Wojo” Wojciechowski who we couldn’t help but laugh with. She demonstrated her standup comedy skills which left us anxious to seek out more in her column “Wojo’s World” or to explore her award winning humor books.

Elaine Orris Wright2018 Conference Attendee

The Windsor International Writers Conference gave me access to agents, editors and authors.

Kimberly Batchelor DavistLiterary Consultant

The conference was great! It covered everything from ethics and activism to the nuts and bolts of grammar and publishing contracts. I’ll be back again.

MJ GardnerDark Fiction Writer

I found the Windsor International Writers’ Conference thoughtful, inspiring, and immensely valuable.

Gerald GoldinAuthor and professor at Rutgers University

Windsor’s was a truly unique experience because of the intimate atmosphere it creates.

Michael J. KrymPlaywright

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