Tips for Conference Attendees

What To Wear
We want you to consider the WIWC a home away from home, a place where you can chill out, relax, and meet new people. We want you to learn, learn, learn. So, as far as clothes are concerned: wear whatever you like that makes you comfortable —even jammies! If jeans and cowboy boots are your thing — go ahead. Some people feel they should be dressed their best because you never know who you will meet, especially with agents and publishers hanging around. I suppose there is merit in that. One man I met at a California conference always wore a suit and tie. He didn’t get an agent but I did and I was dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt.

Windsor has interesting weather in July: in a word – HOT! Plus humid. The Holiday Inn is where we are holding the conference and rooms are available there. So, if you are staying there you can always go to your room and change. They have limited rooms, so register early. Portable umbrellas are always useful, not only for rain but for sun protection as well.

What To Bring
Do bring pens, pencils, your laptop —and make yourself business cards!!!!! The name tag we will have for you has a space behind your name where you can have them readily at hand, and give a lot of them out. (you can also place the ones you receive in the back as well. Just remember to remove them at the end of each day so you have room to collect more the next day) At any given conference I have attended I have given out at least 50-100 and I still keep in touch with a lot of those same people, including my agent.

NB Let Us Know!
If you have allergies, dietary restrictions, medical problems, disabilities etc.
We are here to make your stay with us as enjoyable and safe and as healthy as possible.

Holiday Inn has a huge parking lot and it’s free!

Register Early
We are limited in the number of attendees we can have so register early. We also have early bird savings you will want to take advantage of!

We will be having a bookstore that will take VISA, MASTERCARD.

Touring The Area
As we mentioned earlier, Windsor/Detroit has a colourful history, which means we have quite a few interesting sites to see. If you want to arrive a few days early or leave a few days late we will be happy to help you arrange your time. There is Point Pelee National Park, the winery tour, Hiram Walkers, and the infamous Rum Runners tour that talks about our times in Prohibition. We have Caesar’s Casino two blocks away. And there is so much more, a lot of it within walking distance.

We’ll add to this list as the dates of the conference draw near.

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