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Windsor International Writers Membership Program for writers
Windsor International Writers Conference, Membership program

Windsor International Writers Membership Program

12 Compelling Reasons for Becoming a Member of Windsor International Writers.

  1. First and foremost you become a member of a prestigious writers’ group that is recognized in Writers’ Circles throughout North America.
  2. Windsor International Writers will put your head shot and bio on the membership sheet.
  3. Along with your head shot we put pictures of your book covers on the list and a link to where people can buy them.
  4. We have a monthly newsletter only for members that you will receive.
  5. We will pick two of our members to highlight in every newsletter.
  6. Members receive a 20% on certain events that we hold and will be recognized as members at the bi-annual conference.
  7. Members are invited to our Greet and Meet events and can attend for free.
  8. Members will be given an editorial on fifty of their pages/year.
  9. You have a really large critique group to choose from!
  10. ASK EARNEST! This is strictly for members. If you have any questions about writing, be it about POV or grammar or character or plot, we will find the appropriate author/agent/editor to answer that question! BTW we know a LOT of authors and publishers.
  11. We will be having a blog section only for members and it will feature some really awesome authors, agents, publishers and all around great people.
  12. We saved the best reason for the last. You get support and

Membership Fees

The Membership fees get invested back into Windsor International Writers the not for profit organization aiming to promote and grow literature and culture in Southwestern Ontario.

The yearly membership cost is $80 for 12 months of membership

Terms and Conditions apply

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