Creative Writing for Kids!
Tuesday Oct. 8th – 29th
4pm to 6pm for ages 13 -18

Introduction to the Poetry Salon with Laurie Smith

This program is designed to introduce emerging writers of contemporary poetry to the ‘salon’ experience. Topics include: the basics of inspiration, originality, voice, sound, tone, imagery, and presentation. And yes, there will be homework!

Saturday Oct. 12th – Nov. 2nd
10am – noon for ages 8 – 13

Creating fiction & fantasy with Robin Martin

Magical stories, of evil queens and wizards who cast spells on unsuspecting pretty princesses who sleep until true love’s kiss…aww! Singing sea creatures who eat with dinglehoppers, glass slippers, and pumpkin coaches driven by mice. Kingdoms and palaces, dragons and wishing balls…if you can imagine it, we can help you write it.

Monday Oct. 14th – Nov. 4th
4pm to 6pm for ages 13 – 18

Introduction to Playwriting: A blank page… with Prof. Barry Brodie

First course – Dialogue – participants will explore and observe how people speak in everyday parlance taking notice of unusual speech patterns and accents.

Saturday Nov. 9th – 30th
10am – noon for ages 8 – 13

More fun with fiction and fantasy with Robin Martin

Creating new worlds, new creatures, new languages, new geography. We will teach you the ins and outs of building your own fantasy land!

Monday Nov. 18 – Dec. 9th
4pm to 6pm for ages 13 – 18

Playwriting part 2: Bit by Bit, piece by piece… with Prof. Barry Brodie

Second course – Character – participants will observe and describe personality traits and idiosyncrasies that make people unique.

Tuesday Nov. 19th – Dec. 10th
4pm – 6pm for ages 13 -18

Historical Fiction with Laurie Smith

There is a wealth of historical material and centuries of intriguing personalities for the writer to explore and recreate, whether in fiction OR in poetry. The importance of research, point of view and timelines/context will be discussed as part of the process leading to public presentation of works. (Homework in this one, too!)

Monday Jan. 20th – Feb 10
4pm to 6 pm for ages 13 – 18

Playwriting part 3: Putting it together with Prof. Barry Brodie

Third course – Plot – participants will develop stories both from everyday life and from their imagination.

Tuesday Jan. 21 – Feb 11
4pm to 6pm for ages 13 – 18

Cursive writing: Not just for grandma anymore.. with Laurie Smith

That’s right ! There’s a lot more to cursive writing than you think. We’ll learn how to do cursive with a little calligraphy on the side, etc., etc.

Saturday Jan. 25th – Feb. 15th
10am to 12pm for ages 8 – 13

Where the wild things are in fiction with Robin Martin

After learning how to write magical stories and creating new worlds, we’re going to go wild!

Cost: $100 per course – size class limted to 8 students
(registration is required one week prior to each program)
Location: SHO 628 Monmouth, Windsor, ON
Register: click here to enroll
For more info: Robin Martin 226-344-6484
Students are responsible for bringing their own notebooks, pens and pencils.

Dr. Brodie is a founding partner of Sho Art, Spirit & Performance. He teaches the University of Windsor’s creative process course at the School of Dramatic Art. He is the author of several produced plays, including Threshold of Magic – the Death and Life of Tom Thomson and The Thousand Colors of the Morning. He will be curating Sho’s “Scattered Ecstasies” September 12-14 and is directing the new play, “May the Good Lord Take a Liking to You.” He is currently at work on “A Great Round Wonder – a dramatic ecollage”.

Laurie Smith is co-publisher/editor of Cranberry Tree Press in Windsor, ON. Her work has appeared in many publications across Canada and in the U.S. Collections include Menagerie, The Truth about Roller Skating, Said the Cannibal. Holding an M.A. in Creative Writing and B.Ed., she has more than twenty years of experience facilitating workshops and editing in all genres.

Robin Martin Duttmann is an award winning author and poet. She has written several books for children that can be found in over one hundred different countries. Her book Someone You Love has Cancer is an Amazon Best Seller. Robin is one of the founders and creators of the WIW Creative Writing for Kids Programs. She has been the principal of these programs and our summer camps for 5 years.

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